Health Benefits of Nectarines

Health Benefits of Nectarines

I love Nectarines!! I really do. They look like peaches but are usually sweet and do not have the fuzz of peaches.

Some of the benefits of nectarines are:

1. Helps prevent cancer & tumors due to its red & yellow pigmentation and catechism properties. These properties reduce inflammation.

2. Aid weight loss- due to natural properties fight inflammation and is high in fiber.

3. Regulates Blood Pressure levels due to potassium which relaxes the walls of blood vessels.

4. Have Anti-Diabetic properties. Contains bioactive compounds that prevent ibesity-related diabetes. Also reduces oxidayio of bad cholesterol.

5. Improves eye health due to the beta-carotene. Neutralizes free radicals and prevents mascular degeneration.

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