Denise will ensure that your event is successful and that your audience is INSPIRED and EMPOWERED to achieve SUCCESS!

Denise N. Simpson is an International bestselling author, coach, trainer, and certified professional speaker.  She is an influential leader in the field of health and wellness and lifestyle management with over 30 years of experience.
Over the years, Denise has been a source of positive change for many.  From coaching marriages, to parent coaching, to wellness and lifestyle coaching; Denise has a wealth of knowledge and experience and shares simple principles for attracting positive outcomes.  Her charisma is simply contagious!  People love being in her space and are inspired by her passion for purposeful living.
She is Founder and CEO of My Life Healthy! with Denise, LLC, a company that is raising awareness about health and wellness and inspiring transformational living in individuals, families, and communities.

Denise presents at conferences, workshops, wellness expos and the like.  She is an experienced panelist, moderator, and facilitator. She invariably inspires participants and they become motivated to actively incorporate the tools needed to cultivate a lifestyle of health and happiness for themselves.  Denise coaches in both an individual and group setting and offers a comprehensive holistic approach to nutrition and lifestyle management.

“Invigorating, Entertaining, Fun, Inspirational” are just some of the words used consistently by audiences to describe Denise.”

Coach Denise understands that CHANGE starts in the mind first.  She helps her audience explore the possibilities of success, then visual themselves in the change they want to see, so they can attract more of what they want in their lives.
Whatever your occasion, Denise will develop material that will meet the needs of your audience. Discover for yourself the energy, charisma, and motivation that she brings to an audience.

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